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Theatre and Dance

First-year students may select from the courses found under the Theatre section on the First-Year Student website. Students who have a particular interest in theatre are encouraged to enroll in THEA 101 Basic Acting, and in THEA 110 Theatre Practicum, as a co-requisite. 

THEA 101
Basic Acting
Common Area: Arts

This course offers an approach to understanding, appreciating, and practicing the art of acting through classroom exercises, improvisations, and performance of scenes from plays. Co-enrollment in theatre practicum (THEA 110) is required.

THEA 131
Balinese Dance 1–2
Common Area: Arts or Cross-Cultural Studies

Balinese Dance is a dance performance class which surveys the rich classical, contemporary, and folk traditions of music, mask, dance, and theatre from Bali, Indonesia. Hinduism plays a significant role in the performing arts of Bali and will be discussed in relationship to performance. Students rehearse and perform with Gamelan Gita Sari, the Holy Cross gamelan orchestra. This course can be taken for two semesters.

THEA 134
Television Comedy
Common Area:  Arts

Television Comedy is designed to introduce students to the history of television comedy, key artists and situation comedies, and theoretical frameworks for examining these works both in and out of context.  The goal is for students to learn to analyze television from a variety of standpoints as well as the ways it has both influenced and been influenced by time, place, and culture.

THEA 141
Jazz Dance 1–2
Common Area: Arts

This is a studio course open to students with previous dance experience. It focuses on technique and touches on aspects of jazz history and its relationship to music and social history. The class is for students who have had at least six months of dance experience.

THEA 151
Ballet 1–2
Common Area: Arts

Beginning ballet technique is offered for beginners and those with less than six months of experience. Work at the barre introduces basic positions, vocabulary, and concepts. Center practice includes simple across-the-floor combinations.

THEA 181
Modern Dance 1–2
Common Area: Arts
This is a basic introductory modern dance technique course for beginners or students with less than six months of dance experience. Students learn beginning modern dance exercises and movement combinations. The basic components of modern dance and its place in 20th-century art are examined.

THEA 199
Hip-Hop / Breaking 1-2
Common Area:  Arts

An introductory breaking technique course for beginners who have no prior dance experience.  Students learn foundational exercises, improvisation and movement combinations.  The course will emphasize the cultural and historical roots of the form along with key artists who have contributed to its evolution.



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