Advanced Placement: A score of 4 or 5 in Psychology earns college credit and counts toward the social science common area requirement. Students with AP credit in psychology are awarded advanced standing in the psychology curriculum and credit toward the psychology major. Students with AP credit in Psychology who choose to enroll in PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology, will forfeit their AP credit and should contact their class dean.

Majors: Students with no Psychology AP credit who are interested in psychology should enroll in PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology, in the fall or spring of their first year. Students with AP credit in psychology are eligible to enroll in selected 200 level courses, as specified on the First Year website.

Advisory Note: To declare a psychology major, students must be enrolled in or have completed PSYC 100 or the equivalent. A minimum grade of a C is required to continue in the major. All students who wish to major in psychology must complete PSYC 200 - Statistics and Psychology 201 - Research Methods by the end of their third year. Consequently, if a student wants to study abroad during their third year, it is imperative that they declare their psychology major early so they can take Psychology 200 and PSYC 201 in their second year.

PSYC 100
Introduction to Psychology
Common Area: Social Science

This course offers an introduction to the principles of psychology, including physiological, social, developmental and psychopathology. The course also covers such topics as personality development, sensation and perception, and cognition and memory. It is a prerequisite for all other Psychology courses.

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