Naval Science

Naval Science ROTC students are required to take both of the following courses. If you are enrolled in the ROTC Program, you will be placed in each.

NAVL 100
Naval Science Lab
Common Area: None

Naval Science Lab is a non-credit weekly laboratory, two hours in length. Emphasis is placed on professional training which is not academic in nature. The laboratory is intended for topics such as drill and ceremonies; physical fitness and swim testing; cruise preparation; sail training; safety awareness; preparation for commissioning; personal finances and insurance; applied exercises in naval ship systems; navigation; naval operations; naval administration; and military justice. Other topics and special briefings will be conducted as determined by the Naval Service Training Command or the Professor of Naval Science. This laboratory is required for all students enrolled in the NROTC Program and is taken each semester.

NAVL 111
Introduction to Naval Science
Common Area: None

This non-credit course presents an introduction to the customs, traditions, missions, rules and regulations of the Department of Defense, the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Topics include rank structure, uniform regulations, military law, naval terminology, ships and aircraft types, naval history and current naval missions. This course is required for all students enrolled in the NROTC Program and is taken during the fall semester of the freshman year.

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