Students planning to continue a language studied in high school must take a language placement exam before enrolling. Your score on the placement exam will be used to determine the appropriate level Italian course for enrollment. If you plan to continue studying a language in your first year, you must complete the language placement exam online by the appropriate deadline. Instructions for registering for and completing the language placement exam can be found on the First Year Website.

Advanced Placement: A score of 4 or 5 on a language exam earns college credit and counts toward the language studies common area requirement. Students who receive a score of 4 or 5 on the exam are not required to complete a language placement exam and should contact the Italian section for information about the appropriate course for enrollment.

Majors: Students who are considering a major in Italian should enroll in an Italian course in their first semester at the College. Eligibility for Intermediate Italian and Composition and Conversation is determined by their placement exam or AP score.

ITAL 101
Elementary Italian 1
Common Area: Language Studies

Designed for students with no previous study of Italian language, this course provides an overview of basic Italian grammar with an emphasis on oral and written communication, listening comprehension, and reading. Five class hours weekly.

ITAL 201
Intermediate Italian 1
Common Area: Language Studies

Provides a review of Italian grammar with an emphasis on oral and written communication. In addition, students will study Italian culture through film, literary texts and other authentic materials. Eligibility for this course is determined by the results of the language placement exam. Students must complete the language placement exam online before enrolling in this course. Four class hours weekly.

ITAL 301
Italian Composition & Conversation
Common Area: Language Studies

Offers students intensive oral and written practice in Italian language through an exploration of Italian culture. Authentic materials such as literary texts, newspaper and magazine articles, and video are utilized as a basis for class discussion and written compositions. Grammar is reviewed in context. Five class hours weekly.

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