Students planning on continuing an ancient language begun in high school will be placed at the appropriate level of the language during Summer Gateways Orientation. 

Those not attending Gateways will be placed in consultation with the chair of the classics department upon their arrival in late August or via email. For placement information, contact Prof. Timothy Joseph at

Students with one year or less of high school Greek should take GREK 101. Students with more background will normally be placed either in GREK 213 (Intermediate Greek) or in an advanced Greek course.

GREK 101
Introduction to Greek 1
Common Area: Language Studies

We will advance thoroughly and steadily from the alphabet though forms, grammar, vocabulary, and translation of ancient Greek. We will start reading short Greek passages from ancient authors. Topics from ancient Greek history and culture that relate to the lessons will also be introduced.

GREK 213
Intermediate Greek 1
Common Area: Language Studies

In this course students continue to study the grammar and syntax of the ancient Greek language, while reading more and more authors in the original Greek – just as their ancient contemporaries did. Typically the first half of the course in the fall semester concentrates on prose texts, while the second half in the spring semester focuses on poetic texts. Students who have taken two years of high school Greek are well suited for this course.

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