What is a ProCard?

A ProCard is a corporate credit card.

What can a ProCard be used for?

The card can be used for various departmental and educational supplies.  The card can also be used for travel expenses; however, travel within Academic Affairs requires prior approval. The card cannot be used to purchase equipment unless prior authorization has been given.

How do I get office supplies replenished?

All supplies are ordered from WB Mason; please contact us to get access to their on-line site.

I need a new computer; how do I get one?

You should contact Jennifer Gilmore of ITS at extension 3744.

How do I get new furniture for my work space?

You should contact us so that we can help evaluate your needs.

Does the College recycle used furniture and equipment?

Yes, many items are placed in storage and then re-used by the College. Some surplus items are also donated by the Purchasing Department to local charities and other community organizations.

Does the College make surplus items available for sale to employees?

From time to time, and after the College's needs are met, surplus equipment is made available for sale to employees.