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Richard Higgins: The Riddle of Thoreau's Religion

Date of Lecture: October 17, 2017

Richard HigginsAbout the Speaker: Richard Higgins, a Holy Cross alumnus from the Class of 1974, is author of "Thoreau and the Language of Trees" (University of California Press, 2017). A staff writer for The Boston Globe for 20 years, he is also coauthor of "Portfolio Life," published in 2006, and the editor of four books on religion, including "Taking Faith Seriously," published by Harvard University Press in 2005.

About the Talk: While often labeled as "spiritual but not religious," Higgins suggests that Thoreau did not reject the church because it stood for religion; he did because it did not. Thoreau sought a “truer” religion in and through nature, which he found suffused with divinity.