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Psaltikon: Six Days Before the Passover

A Concert of Byzantine Chant for Passion Week

Date of Concert: April 21, 2016

About the Performers: Psaltikon is a newly-founded vocal ensemble whose mission is the preservation and dissemination of the musical heritage of Greece and the Balkans, including Byzantine chant of all periods. Psaltikon refers to the medieval chant book for soloists which contained the most virtuosic chants from the now-extinct Asmatic Rite of Constantinople.

Learn more about the written and oral traditions of Byzantine chant in a pre-concert lecture by Psaltikon's founder and director, Spyridon Antonopoulos.

About the Performance: In this concert, the ensemble performs newly transcribed music from medieval manuscripts, well-known Greek Orthodox chants and traditional folk music commemorating Lazarus Saturday, Holy Friday and springtime. The ensemble is accompanied by acclaimed international musicians from the Boston area.

Watch the concert below.