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Making Marijuana Legal

A Fishbowl Discussion

Date of Event: November 1, 2016

About the Discussion: This Election Day, Massachusetts voters will decide whether or not to legalize, regulate and tax recreational marijuana use. This discussion explores what we know about how marijuana affects the brain over the short- and long- term, and the societal trade-offs and moral implications of approving the ballot measure.

In a fishbowl discussion, invited discussants — the "fish" — sit in a small circle and engage in a moderated discussion while the audience, seated in outer circles, observes. Later, the discussion opens to all. Featured "fish" in this discussion are: Daniel Bitran, professor of psychology; Gregory DiGirolamo, associate professor of psychology; Paul Irish, associate dean of students and director of student conduct and community standards; and students Pooja Patnaik '17 and Michael Andre '17. Thomas M. Landy, director of the Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J. Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture, moderates.