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James Nickoloff: 'Gay' and 'Catholic': Evolving Identities

Date of Lecture: September 23, 2019

James NickoloffAbout the Speaker: James Nickoff is associate professor emeritus of religious studies at Holy Cross and editor of "In, Out and About on the Hill: Lesbian and gay alums reflect on life at Holy Cross."

About the Talk: Nickoloff talks about how science and the lived experience of people who are not exclusively heterosexual are changing what it means to identify as "Catholic" and as "gay." Nickoloff says that, at its best, Catholicism is a "both/and" tradition, which helps us to understand contradictions in doctrine and in people. He suggests that when the Church and all people are open to those who are different, or marginalized, they are more committed to protecting life on Earth.

His lecture was co-sponsored by the McFarland Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture and the Office of College Chaplains. Closed Captions Available