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Daniel Byman: Understanding the Islamic State

Date of Lecture: February 16, 2017

Daniel BymanAbout the Speaker: Daniel Byman, one of the foremost authorities on Middle East security and terrorism, is a professor at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service and research director and senior fellow for the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at The Brookings Institution. As a professional staff member, he served on the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the United States (the 9/11 Commission) and on the Joint 9/11 Inquiry, U.S. House and Senate Intelligence Committees. 

Byman is the author of numerous books, publications and articles including: "Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and the Global Jihadist Movement: What Everyone Needs to Know" (Oxford University Press, 2015), "A High Price: The Triumphs and Failures of Israeli Counterterrorism" (Oxford University Press, 2011), and "The Five Front War: The Better Way to Fight Global Jihad" (Wiley and Sons, 2008).

About the Talk: Daniel Byman reviews the history of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and assesses the ways it has been successful, its many recent setbacks, and level of threat it poses to Americans today.

The lecture is co-sponsored by the McFarland Center and Peace and Conflict Studies.