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Advent Calendar Bookmark and Calendar Reminders

Looking for a daily reminder or easy access to On That Day: An Advent Calendar? We’ve put together a few helpful suggestions.

Calendar Reminder

Add a daily reminder to your Outlook, iCal or Google calendar.


  • ics (Outlook)
  • iCal (Apple Calendar)
  • Google Calendar
    • Sign in to Google Calendar
    • Click the link above
    • Select the “Does not repeat” drop-down menu and change to “Custom…”
    • Change Repeat every 1 week  to every 1 day
    • Change Ends on Never to Ends on Dec. 25, 2017
    • Change the reminder time and notification preferences to your preferred settings. The default setting is noon with a 10 minute reminder.
    • Click save to add the daily event to your calendar.

Home Screen Shortcut

With this method, you can add an icon to your mobile device’s home screen that will function as a bookmark but appear alongside your apps.