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Faculty Development

Holy Cross is dedicated to supporting the professional development of our excellent liberal arts faculty as teacher-scholars at every stage of their career. The College offers a comprehensive range of faculty development opportunities, from our new faculty orientation and faculty mentor programs to research leaves and conference travel support to course development grants and other support for pedagogical innovation. Additional support for scholarship is also provided through the Office of Sponsored Research and the Committee on Faculty Scholarship.

There are numerous opportunities for faculty development at Holy Cross, including new faculty orientation, a faculty mentor program, and a faculty scholarship lunch series. New faculty orientation consists of three semesters of workshops on topics such as: syllabus construction and first-day-of-class issues; getting to know the Holy Cross student; grading strategies; academic advising; distinctive teaching opportunities; understanding the Jesuit mission; and planning research leaves and applying for grants. There are also opportunities to get to know other faculty with shared interests and to explore the City of Worcester. 

In the Faculty Scholarship Lunch Series, faculty are invited to talk to their colleagues in an informal setting about their recently-completed projects and share their experiences as they transition to new projects or research.