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Eliot's 4 Quartets

Carol and Park B. Smith Hall Rehm Lib: This is a rare opportunity to hear the entirety of Eliot's poetic masterpiece, spoken live by actor and poet John Farrell, artistic director and co-founder of Figures of Speech Theatre. In 2011, with special permission from the Eliot Estate, Farrell premiered a one-man recitation of Eliot's complex, deeply moving meditation on time, memory, and the human spirit. He has since toured his performance of Four Quartets throughout the US and Canada.Free; RSVPs required. Reserve your seats at Open to the PublicSponsored by Arts Transcending Borders, the English Department, and the Catholic Studies Program at the College of the Holy Cross, with the Worcester County Association of Poetry

Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 19:00
Carol and Park B. Smith Hall Rehm Lib