Hallmarks of the Holy Cross Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad is one of the College's signature programs. Here are some of the ways it differs from what you may encounter at other colleges and universities.

Holy Cross invests in its own study abroad programs.

Many schools rely on third-party "provider" programs or house their own programs at special "institutes" devoted specifically to American students. By contrast, Holy Cross integrates its students as completely as possible into the intellectual and cultural fabric of their host countries. For its core programs Holy Cross establishes ongoing partnerships with premier universities throughout the world. Students enroll directly in these host institutions, where they enjoy the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as full-time, local students.

Holy Cross Study Abroad students typically study abroad for the entire academic year.

Being overseas for this extended period of time enhances the cultural immersion that is at the heart of the Holy Cross Study Abroad philosophy. Year after year, returning students remark that the additional semester significantly deepened and enriched their learning experience.

Holy Cross manages all relationships with international host institutions directly and personally evaluates all programs.

At each institution abroad, Holy Cross contracts with local staff members who are familiar with the needs of its students. They serve as academic, cultural and housing advisors, introducing students and helping them integrate into the university and host city.

Study abroad is an extension of the Holy Cross curriculum.

The international learning experience overseas is an integral part of the four-year undergraduate education. While abroad, students advance their majors, minors and concentrations and have the opportunity to fulfill Holy Cross common area requirements.

In addition to their regular course load, Holy Cross students complete an Independent Cultural Immersion Project (ICIP) that enables community engagement and cultural awareness.

Providing a structure for students to get involved in their host community by doing something they care about passionately, the ICIP promotes cultural immersion and enriches the study abroad experience. It can take many forms: an internship; a community service project; or a hobby such as music, photography, art, or cooking. The project is graded and recorded on the Holy Cross transcript.