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Extend Yourself: The Study Abroad Scholarship

Extend Yourself: The Study Abroad Scholarship

Receive $6,000 Towards Your Study Abroad Experience!

The Offices of the Provost, of the Vice President for Administration and Finance, and of Study Abroad are pleased to present, for the second year, a Study Abroad scholarship opportunity.  We are providing 10 AWARDS IN THE AMOUNT OF $6,000 each to promote language learning and cultural acquisition in non-English-speaking countries. The scholarship is open to all students* studying abroad for two semesters at Holy Cross programs in non-English-speaking countries.  Students may study at more than one program provided both programs are in a language other than English.

Qualifying sites include an academic year of study in:

Argentina, China and/or Taiwan, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece (must take Modern Greek), Italy, Japan, Peru, Russia, Spain and Sri Lanka (for the year)

Students may also combine two different semester programs.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • A semester in Taiwan and a semester in China
  • A semester at an SFS (The School for Field Studies) or OTS (Organization for Tropical Studies) program (Costa Rica, Panama, Peru) and a semester at another non-English-speaking program
  • A semester in Spain and a semester in Latin America (Argentina, Ecuador, Peru)
  • A semester in France and a semester in Italy

TO APPLY:  A 250-300 word (one-page) essay, in a Word document, answering the following question:

Why is becoming highly proficient in an additional language important to you personally, academically, and professionally?

Application deadline:  Friday, November 8. 2019 by 3:00 PM ~ submit your essay (Word document) as an email attachment to Jacqui Schartner at