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Women's Corner

The Women’s Corner is a small space on the second floor of Beaven that highlights issues pertaining to women, gender, and sexuality.  Created by Sociology and Anthropology faculty members associated with Women’s and Gender Studies, the Corner features diverse perspectives, promotes open exchange, and fosters critical inquiry.  Anyone is welcome to post information to the Women’s Corner bulletin board or to leave materials on the desk and bookshelf.

Why are we in a corner and not a center?
Above all, the Women’s Corner demonstrates the need for a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Center here at Holy Cross.  2012-2013 marked the 40th Anniversary of Coeducation on our campus.  For much of that time, faculty and students have been calling for a place that would promote equality and celebrate diversity with respect to gender and sexuality.  Many Jesuit institutions across the nation have recognized how vital such centers are for the life of a college.  The creators of Women’s Corner, together with a coalition of faculty and students from across our campus, think the time is right for Holy Cross to join these institutions and establish a center of its very own.  You can read our manifesto (PDF).    

Let’s follow the lead of these fellow Jesuit institutions!


Creators of the Women’s Corner

  • Renee Beard
  • Ara Francis
  • Ellis Jones
  • Jennie Germann Molz
  • Ann Marie Leshkowich
  • Susan Rodgers
  • Sue Crawford-Sullivan
  • Melissa Weiner
  • Caroline Yezer