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Workshops and Trainings

Holy Cross offers opportunities to foster cultural competency for all members of the College community.

Poverty Simulation

What choices would you make if you had little time and little money to spare? The simulation is designed to help participants begin to understand what it is like to live in a typical low-income family trying to survive month to month. Each participant will be exposed to the realities of poverty by assuming the role of a family member, and living in a world that reflects the day to day realities of those in poverty.

As men and women in the Holy Cross community, we strive to help others, to be with others, and to be there for others. How can this be possible with a limited understanding of what the “other” is? This simulation will be the first step for many in truly understanding what it means to stand in solidarity with someone. In the case of poverty, the simulation aims to uncover the struggles of those who have been impoverished, better enabling the men and women of the Holy Cross community to live the mission.

Multicultural Peer Education

Multicultural peer education is based on the premise that effective change occurs most consistently when people have opportunities to develop respectful relationships. Our multicultural peer educators (MPEs) are specially trained Holy Cross student volunteers who assist in programming, work with staff and residence assistants, and informally engage other students on topics of diversity.