The Hub

A space for all campus members to build community through dialogue focused on intersectionality.

This Hub will serve as a gathering place for all communities: Veteran Status, Gender Status, Socio-economic Class, Religion & Spirituality, Educational Background, Criminal Background, Family Status, Immigration Status, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Mental Health, Geographic Region, Sex Assigned at Birth, Language Proficiency, Disability Status, Nationality/Citizenship, Skin Color, Ethnicity, Culture, Age, Race, Commuter Students, and all marginalized identities.

All campus community members using this space are welcome to converse, watch television, meet in small groups, and rest among peers. Please be mindful of all persons in the space (for example: high volume on the television, moving of furniture, and cleaning up after yourself).

When meeting in small groups, you can not ask folks to leave the space as a result of your meeting, dialogue, or program.

All programs/dialogues in the Hub will practice the mission and vision of the Hub. The following learning goals should be implemented when considering a program/dialogue in the Hub.

  • This program/dialogue will break the cycle of apathy found at Holy Cross by encouraging students from all backgrounds to come together in this space to learn about the varying identities represented on campus.

  • This program/dialogue will be focused on conversations surrounding intersectionality.

  • This program/dialogue will create a safe space for underrepresented students where they can find solace and a support system amongst other underrepresented students who experience the same marginalization.

  • This program/dialogue will encourage students to build meaningful relationships across differences and enact change at Holy Cross and beyond.

  • This program/dialogue will empower all students to cultivate leadership, facilitate critical reflection, foster informed action, and promote social justice.

  • This program/dialogue will provide an opportunity for students to develop essential awareness, knowledge, and skills to move toward multicultural competence.

All programs/dialogues of more than 10 people need to be registered through the Office of Multicultural Education. These programs will be held in the front room. When holding programs in the front room, sponsoring organizations should be aware the back room is available for studying and meeting for students at all times.

Register your event

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