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  Book Notes    

From the Horse’s Mouth
by Ann and Dan Nevins ’52

From the Horse’s Mouth (Prentice Hall, 1977) is a wonderfully imaginative and entertaining book explaining the origins of many contemporary idioms such as the one used as the title. The book is co-written by the husband and wife team of Ann and Dan Nevins ’52; Ann is the author and Dan, the illustrator. The Nevins have previously published three books, including Science Tricks, in 1976, and Superstitions, in 1977.

Funny as well as informative, From the Horse’s Mouth contains silly illustrations which depict the literal meaning of different phrases; an accompanying explanation provides the actual meaning. For example, an illustration of a bull running through a display of china cups and plates portrays the idiom “bull in a china shop.”

Nevins, who has also done illustrations for Esquire magazine, has designed the covers of high school yearbooks and created poster drawings for New Jersey Bell. The couple won an author’s citation award in 1984 at the 17th annual New Jersey writers’ conference held at N.J.I.T. Residents of Wayne, N.J., they have four children.


From the Horse’s Mouth


Special Children, Challenged Parents
by Robert A. Naseef ’70

Robert A. Naseef ’70 has written the book, Special Children, Challenged Parents (Carol Publishing Corp., 1997), a heart-warming story about working with disabled children. The author, inspired by the birth of his autistic son Tariq, writes about his parenting experiences.

Naseef, who is associated with the counseling center, Alternative Choices, also maintains a counseling practice with his wife, Cindy Ariel.

The book contains a moving epilogue that personalizes Naseef’s struggles in raising Tariq. “Sometimes a miracle will happen and a child will improve dramatically,” he says. “Sometimes the miracle is that we grieve and let go of our dream for the perfect child.”

Naseef, a resident of Philadelphia, Pa., has three children. Tariq, now 17, resides at the Deveraux Kenner Center in West Chester, Pa.

  Special Children, Challenged Parents

Paradoxes of the American Presidency
by Thomas E. Cronin ’61 and Michael A. Genovese

Thomas E. Cronin ’61 and Michael A. Genovese have co-written The Paradoxes of the American Presidency (Oxford UP, 1998), a comprehensive study of what the American people want from their president.

The book includes various references to President Clinton (Cronin calls him a “Rhodes scholar and an ordinary saxophone-playing member of the high school band from Hope, Ark.), but avoids mention of his out-of-office escapades. It attempts to cover all aspects of the presidency, from election to leadership, to dealing with the Supreme Court. Expertly written, the book is sure to inspire debate.

Genovese is a professor of political science at the Institute for Leadership Studies. Cronin, who is the president of Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wash., is co-author of the best-selling text Government by the People.  

  Paradoxes of the American Presidency




These books are available from the Holy Cross Bookstore. Phone: (508)-793-3609. E-mail: erice@holycross.edu. If you mention that you read about these titles in Holy Cross Magazine, the bookstore will offer free shipping!


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