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  Editor's Note


 With Commencement Day and Reunion Weekends completed, summer has officially arrived on Mount St. James. And though parking spots appear somewhat more numerous and the lines in Crossroads Café seem a bit shorter, the Hill is still bustling with activity. Faculty members are busy doing research, working on books and papers and planning conferences. Student interns and research assistants toil in libraries and labs. And the grounds crew is busier than ever maintaining the natural beauty of our campus.

As we prepare to ship this issue to the printer, I like to imagine that many of our readers are perusing this edition on the beach, escaping the workaday routine for a week or two. Relaxing, regrouping and finding some restorative time to read, unwind and maybe even dream a little.

That would be appropriate, because in this issue we feature two unique Holy Cross dreamers: Leo Cullum ’63 and Abdi Lidonde.

Cullum segued from a successful career as a professional pilot to one of today’s most popular New Yorker cartoonists. Each week, in his inimitable way, sometimes gently and sometimes uproariously, he critiques contemporary life and, at the same time, makes us laugh. If you’re new to Cullum’s distinctive take on the human—and dog, cat and mouse—condition, I recommend picking up his three published volumes, which are available through the Holy Cross Bookstore.

Lidonde is a different kind of visionary. As you will read, he came to Holy Cross from Kenya over 20 years ago. What he found on Packachoag Hill was a community built around a mission that intrigued and inspired him. Working in the College’s physical plant department, Lidonde befriended administrators, faculty members and students. Over time—and with the help of his many friends—he began to dream of a way to bring that mission back to his homeland. Of late, his dream is becoming a reality. You can learn about it on Page 27.

And so, for your summer reading pleasure, we present two portraits of Holy Cross individuals with exceptional perspectives. But before I leave you to the sun and surf, I want to take this opportunity to say farewell to my friend and longtime HCM designer, Molly Fang. For the last eight years, Molly has worked tirelessly to make the pages of our alumni magazine attractive, vibrant, stylish and innovative. Over the course of 33 issues—and 2,500 pages!—Molly has been an essential part of the HCM team, tending to the magazine’s steady evolution, coping graciously with its editor’s mercurial decisions, and, with good cheer, always managing to squeeze in one more news item, find that elusive photograph and labor—often on weekends and late into the night—to beat an imminent deadline. As she moves with her family to Calgary, Canada, to begin an exciting new chapter of her life, please join us in thanking her for all of her hard work, her patience, her graciousness and her collegiality. We wish her all good things.


Jack O'Connell


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