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Holy Cross Magazine welcomes letters regarding the magazine's content. Letters intended for publication must be signed and may be edited for style, length and clarity. Opinions expressed in the letters section do not necessarily reflect the views of the administration or the editorial staff.

Holy Cross Magazine Winter/Spring 2005

Letters to the Editor

“Pillars of Success”

Regarding your article “Pillars of Success” (spring ’06 issue): The efforts, dedication and passion set forth by so many in the Holy Cross community to create the Nativity School of Worcester are what truly set the College apart from other top tier colleges and universities in this country. This young middle school is a magical place that is succeeding in permanently changing the lives of promising young men who until now have had limited options for their future. The Holy Cross students, faculty, buildings and ground staff and finance staff as well as a core of committed recent graduates are genuinely making this world a better place because of their efforts.
Yet, even with all of the involvement of so many Holy Cross people, it still takes money to pay the rent and insurance, buy books and uniforms, etc. The school is incredibly frugal, yet our finances are still delicate. Our reality is that we operate in an environment where we depend heavily upon a small group of generous contributors, and the school never has funding for more than about three months in advance. So, if anyone has the capability and is interested in helping to continue the magic that is happening with these kids, we would welcome any financial support that you might be able to provide.
The Holy Cross community is doing an amazing thing with the Nativity School of Worcester. We just need to make sure that we can sustain the mission.

Bill Haylon
Wakefield, Mass.


“The Crusadists”

I was thrilled to read Karen Sharpe’s article on me and my fellow original “Crusadists” in the spring 2006 issue of Holy Cross Magazine. A few final comments: I am proud to say that like Neil Hopkins ’99 (also profiled in the same issue) and Matt Lawler ’87, I attended the American Conservatory Theater Actor Training Program and received my M.F.A. in 1996. Finally, I am the director of development at The Churchill School and Center in New York City.

Lawrence J. “L.J.” Mitchell III ’85
New York, N.Y.


“Give Another Hoya!”

My classmate Rob McGovern ’89 is a true American hero. He is a defender of children and human rights. Yet the impression of spotlighting Rob’s mission in Afghanistan leaves a very misleading impression that our current mission in Iraq is equally noble.  Rather, it is a mission of death, a quagmire of Vietnamese proportions. And it is twisting the minds of our soldiers and warping their souls. For a more complete appraisal of what is happening on the streets and countryside of Iraq, please read Iraq Dispatches:  How Massacres Become the Norm,by American journalist Dahr Jamail.

Douglas A. Demeo ’89
Jersey City, N.J.   


“Professor Shertzer”

It was gratifying to read that Professor Janine Shertzer was selected a fellow in the American Physical Society. This is a great honor for her, the physics department and the College. I also found the article on undergraduate research very interesting and nostalgically wished that it existed when I was a physics major. I wrote to Professor Shertzer a few years ago when I saw that she had attended graduate school at Brown. I confirmed that a friend and colleague of mine, Professor Emeritus Stavros Fallieros, had taught her at Brown.
I also tried to verify the supposition that the Class of 1955 holds the College record for physics majors who went on to a Ph.D.—namely three: myself, Edward A. Clark and Donald J. McGibney (RIP). Unfortunately, the physics department doesn't maintain this information, so Professor Shertzer was unable to corroborate my class prejudice. Any information (yea or nay) would be welcome. But again, congratulations to Professor Shertzer.

Thomas A. Hughes ’55
Arroyo Grande, Calif.





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