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Holy Cross Magazine welcomes letters regarding the magazine's content. Letters intended for publication must be signed and may be edited for style, length and clarity. Opinions expressed in the letters section do not necessarily reflect the views of the administration or the editorial staff.

Holy Cross Magazine Winter/Spring 2005

“Dear Fr. Mike”
Concerning my “Road Signs” essay, “Dear Fr. Mike,” which appeared in the winter/spring issue: His last name is spelled “Sheehan,” not “Shaheen.” Also, due to an edit, the following paragraph was omitted from the letter:

“The colloquium was an outstanding success because the presenters had something to say, and mingled with the participants; the participants were keenly interested and the organizers—Bill Shea and Tom Landy—had thought out the content and paid attention to the details. A summary of 45 surveys found 35 answering affirmatively the question: ‘Did the conference help you think through … how you can enrich the life of the Church?’ The College is considering whether to have further colloquiums, and, if so, when and where.”

Laurence O’Donnell ’57
Ridgewood, N.J.


Movie Maker
I very much enjoyed your recent issue of Holy Cross Magazine.

An observation re the article on Karen Baldwin, producer of Ray: Had this all happened any time between 1959-62, Ray would probably have received a “C” rating (“condemned”) from the gatekeepers at the Legion of Decency, and neither Holy Cross, nor its magazine, would likely have sung the praises of a grad who had a role in the production of such entertainment.

Please don’t mistake me, I’m not complaining—simply giving you some perspective on how things were back in those not-too-far-away days when 7 a.m. Mass—complete with a sign-in attendance card—was required for all on-campus students; the curriculum was Catholic to the core; and there was nary a single Protestant, female, Black (five-to-seven, tops), Asian or anybody else “out of the ordinary” on campus.

Keep up the good work.

Fred Hoogland ’62
Houston, Texas


“Ruined for Life”
What a thrill it was to see the photograph of Adam Musser ’05 with children from our Project Partner in Dandora, Kenya, and to read your accompanying article “Inspiring Spiritual Missions,” (fall 2004). As a graduate of the class of 1987 and the executive director of International Partners in Mission, it has been my great pleasure to partner with the Holy Cross Chaplains’ Office to expand the Arrupe Program to Kenya and to host Adam’s Lilly Ministry internship during the summer of 2004. The incredible impact of the Arrupe Program is evident in how many Holy Cross students continue to be—as a Jesuit friend of mine from El Salvador proclaims—“ruined for life.” Not “ruined” in the sense of being unable to carry on, but rather, in the sense of being awakened from a former life of indifference and excess to truly become men and women for others.

As someone who was “ruined” in my own way in classes with Rev. John E. Brooks, S.J., David O’Brien and others on College Hill, I would like to congratulate Diane and John Fisher for their remarkable gift in support of the vital and vibrant work of the Holy Cross Chaplains’ Office. The experiences that Holy Cross students are having in Jamaica, Kenya and Mexico will remain with them forever. Such opportunities for spiritual and personal development are hallmarks of the Holy Cross experience, and it is an honor for this graduate to be a part of what the Fishers have helped make possible.

Joseph F. Cistone ’87
Cleveland Heights, Ohio


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