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  Editor's Note

Jack O'Connell The idea for a “Day in the Life” issue of HCM had been bubbling on a rear burner for some time. It seemed like a bit of a “no brainer,” a photo essay presenting the various activities taking place on (and off) campus in a typical 24-hour period. In the wake of our “War & Peace” issue, it felt as if the time for the “24” issue had arrived at last.

It will be a perfect summertime edition, the editors agreed. And what could be easier, they wondered, than hiring a few photographers, turning them loose on Mount St. James and waiting for the pictures to come rolling in?

Quite a few things, as it turned out.

The “24-Hours” issue of HCM turned out to be a lesson in complex logistics. The first chore of the project was selecting the date. We needed to identify a single day prior to the end of classes but late enough in April so that some of the greenery and outdoor activity had returned to campus. We needed to shoot during the school week so that we could gather some classroom images. We wanted a busy but representative day at Holy Cross, a day that would present a fully inclusive cross section of campus life—pictures of students, faculty members, administrators and staff. And we wanted to capture images that represent as many aspects of campus life as possible—academics, athletics, spirituality, social life. Most of all, we wanted a day that would recall for our alumni the full expanse of their time at the College: the continuous stream of classes, lectures, Mass and prayer services, club meetings, sports practices, band and dance rehearsals, volunteer service, study and bull sessions and midnight diner runs.

We ended up selecting Thursday, April 24, 2003. Which may have been a beautiful spring day in any number of cities and towns across America. In Worcester, however, April 24 began with a snowstorm.

Luckily, no freak squall could deter our intrepid photographers. Allow us to take a moment to thank them for their sharp eyes, creative outlooks and, most of all, their stamina. The images that capture this day in the life of the College were brought to you by Patrick O’Connor, Rob Carlin, Dan Vaillancourt, M. David Leeds, Rob Bennett ’98, and John Buckingham. (The indefatigable Pat O’Connor, by the way, shot the entire 24-hour cycle.)

We anticipate that these pictures will give you some sense of the many and varied activities that take place every day here on the Hill and, combined, make up the totality of the Holy Cross experience. But more than this, we hope they trigger a memory or two of some specific day on campus that continues to define your own time on Mount St. James.

Jack O'Connell


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