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  Editor's Note

An Invitation

This is the first issue of HCM to feature an exterior wrapper bound over our cover. Our hope is to call to your attention, in a dramatic manner, the upcoming conclusion of the College's "Lift High the Cross" campaign.

In this age of guerilla marketing, it's probably tempting to shrug off our "faux cover" message as yet another advertising gimmick—one more appeal for the reader's already overtaxed awareness and support. But our genuine belief is that our wrapper is an invitation, to all the members of our community, to join in an effort to raise Holy Cross into a new echelon of quality and effectiveness.

In the fall 2001 issue of this magazine, we announced the "Lift High the Cross" campaign and its ambitious goal of raising $175 million. Over the last four years, we have reported in HCM the many generous gifts contributed by those who share a unique vision and a crucial sense of mission. As we go to press, we are just three months away from the conclusion of what has been an unprecedented effort to bring the College into an era of unparalleled excellence.  

The munificence that we have witnessed over the course of this campaign has been impressive and inspiring. Alumni, parents and friends have responded to our appeal with a magnanimity that reveals a deep faith in, and passion for, the world-shaping possibilities of Jesuit liberal arts education. We have published stories about gifts small and large, and dedicated to a variety of needs. Each of those gifts is evidence of shared values. Each is a statement of belief in the unique role that Holy Cross plays in the formation of wisdom, hope and empathy. Each gift is a declaration of the value in cultivating the entire individual. And of how such cultivation transforms our world.

In this, the last issue before the campaign concludes on June 30, it seems entirely fitting to feature as our lead article the story of the kind of innovative and life-changing program that the campaign enables. In "The Teams of Summer," you'll read about faculty-student research duos involved in all manner of exciting projects and studies. In a very real way, this program—funded through alumni support—is helping to map the future of the undergraduate experience, while simultaneously making our students prime candidates for the best graduate schools in the country. But more than this, it is a portrait of the ways in which dedicated teachers—the kinds of scholars and mentors that Holy Cross has long attracted—work one-on-one with students to open up the possibilities of the individual's future.

It is exactly this type of innovative and holistic program that sets Holy Cross apart. In my own experience, the mentoring nature of the student-teacher relationship on Mount St. James was nothing short of transformative. As it was, I know, in so many of your lives.

As you read our cover story, I invite you to keep in mind the bold mission to which the College has cleaved from its beginning. I invite you to recall how that mission may have inspired your own life. And I invite you to join us, in these final months of the campaign, in our efforts to ensure the legacy of opportunity for individuals to transform their lives and enrich the world—by carrying out the mission of living for others.


Jack O'Connell


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