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Holy Cross Magazine welcomes letters regarding the magazine's content. Letters intended for publication must be signed and may be edited for style, length and clarity. Opinions expressed in the letters section do not necessarily reflect the views of the administration or the editorial staff.

Holy Cross Magazine Winter/Summer 2006

Letters to the Editor

"Iraq and the media"

If you’re going to use Holy Cross Magazine as a forum for arguing the morality of the U.S. military’s performance in Iraq (see “Letters to the Editor” in the summer issue of HCM), then I’d like to weigh in opposite Doug A. DeMeo ’89. Per Doug, we are to accept Dahr Jamail’s reporting without question even though Jamail’s bias against the freely elected government of Iraq, and for the Sunni insurgents, could not be more blatant.

From December 2004-June 2005, I was deployed to Multinational Force-Northwest in Mosul where I served on the staff as an intelligence officer. I, for one, could not be more proud of our efforts there. We have given the diverse Iraqi people an opportunity to create a prosperous democracy that respects the rights of its minorities. No doubt, this will be a long haul—but thousands of Iraqis risk their lives daily to make this previously impossible vision a reality. “A mission of death”? That would describe the evil work of the car bombers and beheaders attempting to destroy Iraq's potentially great future. Ultimately it will be up to the Iraqis themselves. If they fail, I hope it won't be because we let them down.

Lt. Cmdr. Richard P. “Pat” Mahoney, USAR, ’69
Severn, Md.


"A Question"

Reading the summer issue of Holy Cross Magazine, which arrived today with that great photo of the library steps plus all its other interesting photos and tales, makes me wonder aloud why not one single 2006 grad of my East Coast Jesuit Prep School alma mater will be entering the freshman class at Holy Cross this year. As best as I recall, that’s the second year in a row that no grads from that swell Jesuit prep picked Holy Cross. Could the tuition be the problem? Or the weather? Or maybe that Holy Cross is now co-ed and the 7 a.m. daily Mass requirement that we endured from 1958-61 has been eliminated? It honestly baffles me. Keep up the good work.

Frederick W.T. “Fred” Hoogland ’62
Houston, Texas


Due to an editing error, a corrupt version of the following letter was published in the summer issue of HCM. We regret the error and are publishing the letter again in its original form.

“Professor Shertzer”

It was gratifying to read that Professor Janine Shertzer was selected a fellow in the American Physical Society. This is a great honor for her, the Physics Department, and the College. I also found the article on undergraduate research very interesting and nostalgically wished that it existed when I was a physics major. I wrote to Professor Shertzer a few years ago when I saw that she had attended graduate school at Brown. I confirmed that a friend and colleague of mine, Professor Emeritus Stavros Fallieros, had taught her at Brown. I also tried to verify the supposition that the Class of ’55 holds the College record for physics majors who went on to a Ph.D., namely three. Edward A. Clark and Donald J. McGibney (RIP) being the other two. Unfortunately, the physics department doesn’t maintain this information so Professor Shertzer was unable to corroborate my class prejudice. Any information (yea or nay) would be welcome. But again, congratulations to Professor Shertzer.

T. A. Hughes, Ph.D., ’55
Arroyo Grande, Calif.



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