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Threat Assessment (BETAM)

The threat assessment process receives reports of individuals whose behavior is perceived as threatening to others, evaluates the level of risk the individual may present, engages in threat management, and conducts follow up to promote continued safety throughout the community.


You may report an individual of concern in two ways. First, you can submit a report on the College’s Concerning Behavior Reporting Form. Alternatively, you may contact one of the members of the threat assessment process, below. We will connect with other members of the College as necessary to review and address the issue (including but not limited to Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Athletics, or other departments).



Shawn de Jong

Director of Public Safety, Chief of Police

(508) 793-2224


Denielle Burl

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

(508) 793-2339


Paul Galvinhill

Director of Counseling Center

(508) 793-3363

The threat assessment process is not to be used for emergency situations. If this is an emergency or an active situation, call the Department of Public Safety at 508-793-2222 or 2222 from any campus phone. In the event of an emergency, go to a safe place. Encourage others to seek safety. Be prepared to provide the emergency dispatcher with the location of the emergency, the nature of the emergency, and any description of those involved.