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Course Catalog

HNRS 299 — Special Topics
Required seminar for sophomore honors students. Two faculty members from two different disciplines together engage the newly-selected honors students from majors across the curriculum in a multidisciplinary approach to the metaphysical, cultural, spiritual, and material aspects of human nature. More generally, this course hopes to model integrative thinking and study. The topic for spring 2019 has not yet been announced.

HNRS 294, 295, 296 — Second, Third and Fourth Year Honors Colloquium
Fall, spring
Evening workshops and discussions focused on developing academic skills, and interests. Formal workshops prepare students to write an intellectual autobiography, submit applications for grants and fellowships, and make formal academic presentations. Rising juniors and seniors choose the topic for colloquia discussions and faculty each year. The theme of the College Honors Colloquium for 2018-19 will be "Networks: Connecting structures, systems, and social relationships in the Liberal Arts and Beyond". Pass/Fail

HNRS 395 — Honors Seminars
(topics change annually)

HNRS 494, 495 — Honors Thesis
Fall, spring
Senior Honors students enroll in one course unit of thesis research each semester, which is graded cumulatively at the end of the second semester by the student’s thesis advisor, with input from readers. The thesis is a substantial independent project either in or out of a student’s major, which means that it may count for major credit or not. Two units.

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