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Auditions are held at the very beginning of fall semester, and occasionally at the beginning of spring semester. Please contact us for an audition time at We welcome all to audition, whether you have sung a cappella before or not! 

This year we are looking to add many new members to the group, and are looking for beat boxers and singers!

Currently, the 2018-2019 group's members include:

John Dube '19 - Co-Chair

Lauren Carey '19 - Co-Chair

James Falconer '19 - Music Director

Joe Egan '19 - Social Media Chair

Elizabeth Murphy '19 - Social Media Chair

Brian McDonough '20 - Co-Treasurer

Carley Stebbins '20

Chris Fusco '20

Isabella Kallassy '20

Leela Mennillo '20

Dillon Clancy '20

Ryan Forger '20 - Co-Treasurer

Katherine Kalill '21

Jacob Fisher '21 - Secretary

Kyle Irvine '21