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Feminist Forum

Welcome to Holy Cross Feminist Forum!!

Our mission on the Hill is to raise the consciousness level of the entire College community in regards to gender inequality. We strive for the affirmation of all genders in the recognition of their specific needs throughout different spheres of life. By hosting lectures, weekly discussions, and other annual events, we foster a free expression of ideas in hopes of creating a greater understanding between all genders. We welcome ALL genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, voices, and opinions! 

Our meeting topics can correlate to current events, but can also revolve around broader themes. Some of our topics have included:

  • Portrayal of women in the media 
  • Role of gender in politics
  • Reproductive rights  
  • Gender and athletics  
  • Title IX and recent changes to policy 

We meet Tuesdays at 9 in Hogan! Our meeting room can vary week to week, so be sure to check the co-announce for the room number. 

Not on our email list, or have any questions? Contact us at!