Get Involved

Photo of a ban on stage in the evening with fans on the ground below having a great time. The band members in the photo include a person wearing all black, playing guitar and singing and another guitarist in a blue shirt and red hat.

Contact Us!

If you are interested in joining CAB, please follow our social media, email us, or find us on MyHC!

(508) 793-3370

Come find us at the Co-Curricular Extravaganza!

Committees You Can Get Involved In

  • Music: We put on events on campus that involve music in some way such as: Silent Disco, Karaoke Nights, Music Trivia, and more!
  • Social: Our events are various opportunities to socialize with other students on campus!
  • Concert/Mic Night: We plan Mic Nights and the Spring Concert!
  • Entertainment: We bring comedians, mentalists, speakers, and more to campus!
  • Special Events and Outings: We plan outings to Worcester and Boston as well as events like Winter Weekend!
  • Publicity: We make CAB advertisements and swag and organize Random Acts of CABness!