Black Student Union 50th Anniversary: Unity & Fortitude, the Legacy Continues

Friday, November 9 - Sunday, November 11, 2018

For 50 years the Black Student Union has served the Holy Cross Community as an organization built to support, empower and inspire black and African American students at the college. Over time the group has grown, becoming a means to welcome students from all backgrounds to learn about the Black experience, to become allies in the fight against racial injustice, and, most importantly, to get to know and better understand their peers and classmates. The Black Student Union set the foundation for other Multicultural Student Organizations that followed, providing a catalyst for us to celebrate the diversity that makes our campus whole.

The goals of the BSU 50th Anniversary are to celebrate the proud legacy of the Black Student Union, past and present; to appreciate all that organization has accomplished, as well as the efforts of the College as a whole to increase and celebrate diversity; to recognize the struggles and hardships minorities still face, on and off campus--especially our black/African American students--and that there is still work to be done; and, to commit to do all in our power to make our community conducive to the diversity and inclusion of all our students, faculty, administrators and staff.

Photos from the BSU 50th Anniversary Weekend

BSU 50th Anniversary Weekend

Saturday's Dinner included a very popular photo booth. Check out the photos!

BSU 50th Anniversary Weekend-Photo Booth


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