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Black Student Union E-board


Meah Austin '22


My name is Meah Austin and I am a junior on the Hill! I am from Waterbury, CT and I double-major in Psychology and Africana Studies. This year I am blessed to be the co-chair of the Black Student Union. The reason I wanted to be a part of this amazing organization is because I enjoy connecting with people that have a wide range of experiences and using these experiences as a form of celebration and educational learning. I find it critical, especially for college students, to be in spaces with people who can relate to you, bond with you, and support you. BSU has been that space for me, and I hope it can be for many other black students who navigate through their journey at the College.



Jordyn Shubrick '22


Hi everyone, my name is Jordyn Shubrick and I am currently a junior at the college. I am from Springfield, MA and  majoring in Sociology with a double concentration in Africana Studies and Peace & Conflict. As Co-Chair of the Black Student Union, race relations on campus are extremely important to me. The Black Student Union has driven me to learn new things, meet new people, and most of all learn not to fear the unknown. I hope to encourage students to make their Holy Cross experience authentic and strive to talk about their lived experiences while also reminding them that admissions does not make mistakes.



Sheba Austin '22

Co-Event Coordinator

My name is Sheba Austin and I am a Computer Science major here at the college. I was born in Boston, MA, and this year I have the honor to be the Co-Event Coordinator for BSU. I wanted to take part in BSU because during my freshman year BSU gave me a space to freely express who I really am and connect with people who not only look like me but also share my same cultural backgrounds. I love how welcoming BSU is to non-students of color, not excluding others from the family that is created but building a stronger Holy Cross community without losing out black culture



Nadjee Jocelyn '23 

Co-Event Coordinator

My name is Nadjee Jocelyn. I am a Haitian-American sophomore at the College of the Holy Cross. I am a Health studies and Anthropology double major and a Gender, Sexuality and Women’s concentration on the Pre-PA track! I am from Boston MA and my role for BSU is Event Coordinator. I was a first year event coordinator intern last year and really enjoyed thI joined BSU as an event coordinator because I not only want to contribute to decision making, but I want to collaborate with students of color to coordinate events to enhance school life beyond academics at a PWI. Especially in a society like ours where our voices are ignored, I want to make BSU events a place where students can feel free to be themselves and have their voices heard! 



Obiamaka Igwenagu '23


My name is Obiamaka Igwenagu and I am a sophomore from Auburn, MA. I am a Biology and Studio Art double major on the Pre-Health track. This year I am a Co-Publicist for BSU. I joined BSU because I wanted to be a part of a welcoming and safe atmosphere where I could express who I am as a black individual. I attended a predominantly white high school, where I couldn’t freely express myself and didn’t have an opportunity to be involved in a program for the black community. Joining BSU, I have a place to engage and uplift the black community while also creating relationships among students of color on campus and exploring our identity in a unique and creative way.



Darius Hewett '22


My name is Darius Hewett, I am from Brooklyn, NY, and I am a junior at Holy Cross. I am a Co-publicist for BSU and originally I joined BSU to find a stronger sense of community at school. However after my two years here I am a part of BSU because I want to be a part of the legacy that those who came before me cemented. I want to continue to add on to it and make Holy Cross a better place for Black students in the future.



Betty Derege '23


My name is Betty Derege and I am a sophomore from Cambridge, MA. I'm a Health Studies major on the Pre Physician Assistant track. This year, I am the secretary of the BSU. I joined BSU because I wanted to be able to celebrate Blackness while also educating the Holy Cross community about being a Black student. The BSU has become a place of comfort and community for me on campus and I hope to be able to foster that- with my position on the executive board.



Simeon Lloyd Wingard '20

Senior Advisor

My name is Simeon Lloyd-Wingard. My hometown is Dorchester, MA, which is actually part of the Greater Boston Area. I have been part of the BSU E-Board since my freshman year and participating in BSU has been some of my best memories on my four years on the hill; I originally joined BSU because I wanted to participate in at least one E-Board on campus and I thought of joining the BSU E-Board would be a great opportunity to get to know some of my fellow black students while embracing my racial pride at the same time.



Matthew Cedeno '22


Hello, my name is Matthew Cedeno and I am a junior, majoring in Accounting here on the Hill. I am from Delray Beach, FL and still getting used to the snow. I am the Treasurer for BSU this year.  I believe that one of the most important things to the college experience is building a sense of community and I hope to continue that mission through BSU.  I think given the space to explore an essential part of our identity and culture with others who have those same things in common can be a beautiful thing, and I wish to share that beauty with the Holy Cross community.



Yandi D. Pierre '22

Director of Community Outreach

Greetings! My name is Yandi D. Pierre, I am a junior and a Psychology major on the Pre-Medicine Track. I currently serve as the MSO Liaison for the Black Student Union. My role entails creating community amongst the BSU and all multi-cultural groups on the Hill. I joined BSU to ensure that I could use my voice to create community, primarily amongst black students, and ultimately amid all students of color on campus. Malcolm X once said “One day, may we all meet together in the light of understanding.” As I hold this position here on the hill, I hope to build that unity amongst our black students and all students of color, so that we may uplift one another. I hope to create that understanding so that we as black students can change society's outlook of us, and create a positive outlook for the betterment of our students and future students of color on the Hill!