Black Student Union E-board





Yandi D. Pierre '22

Greetings! My name is Yandi D. Pierre, I am a senior majoring in Psychology on the Pre-Medicine track. For this year, I have been honored to be a fellow co-chair of the BSU. I look forward to bridging the communal gap the crazy year 2020 has placed upon our community. I strive to play my part in creating a more inclusive campus environment for black students on the Hill. I hope that all black students can turn to BSU for their academic and social needs. I have been blessed to work in BSU all four years and build strong relationships with my fellow peers. For the BSU this year I look forward to creating a lasting impact that will uplift our community. 







Ashley Fortune '23

Hi! I’m Ashley Fortune and I’m a junior from Billerica, MA. I’m a Psychology major on the on Pre-Health track. This year, I am so grateful and excited to be co-chair of BSU alongside Yandi! As co-chair, I aim to use my role to support and uplift black students on the Hill. My passions for the advocacy of Black persons on the Hill and beyond are the foundation of my reason to take part in BSU. My last two years of being a part of BSU brought me so much, and I can't wait to utilize and share all that this academic year. This year, I hope that BSU can flourish and become a place for black students to experience freedom, community, and love. 







Arianna Moore '24

Hi All! My name is Arianna Moore. I am a sophomore at the college and am originally from the Bronx, New York. I am an English major with an education minor and am so happy to be a part of BSU this year! BSU is more than a club - it is a family and it strives to bring social justice, love, and equity to the community which are important values to me. I decided to take part in BSU not just because it aligns with my values but because it allows us to come together, learn, and support the black community. My hopes are to strengthen the structure of BSU so we can connect with other clubs on campus and colleges outside of the college so we can allow others to be more aware of our goals and mission. Looking forward to a great year!







Martell Audate '24

Hello everyone my name is Martell Audate and I am a sophomore at the College. I am from Boston, MA, and a prospective Economics major. This upcoming year I am the treasurer for BSU. I would like to be a part of this organization because I enjoy connecting and building with members of my community. It is extremely important for college students to have spaces that are both safe and supportive. My goal for this upcoming year is to create a space for education and fun through our events and activities. I especially hope that through BSU, some students will have at least one space or group on this campus that they can call home.








Gynesis Vance '22
Co-Director of Events

Hi! My name is Gynesis Vance. I’m a senior Chemistry major with a Peace & Conflict Studies concentration from Worcester, MA. I’ll be the Co-Director of Events for the BSU this year. My goal is to create a welcoming environment for everyone as we transition back to being on campus. I hope to plan some amazing events this year and look forward to meeting everyone!







Omar Richardson '24
Co-Director of Events

My name is Omar Richardson and I’ll be the Co-Director of Events for BSU this year. I am excited to serve in this position because the BSU has been like a family within the Holy Cross community.







Meah Austin '22
Director of Community Outreach 

My name is Meah Austin and I am a senior on the Hill! I am from Waterbury, CT and I double-major in Psychology and Africana Studies. This year I am blessed to be the Director of Community Outreach of the Black Student Union. The reason I wanted to be a part of this amazing organization is because I enjoy connecting with people that have a wide range of experiences and using these experiences as a form of celebration and educational learning. I find it critical, especially for college students, to be in spaces with people who can relate to you, bond with you, and support you. BSU has been that space for me, and I hope it can be for many other black students who navigate through their journey at the College.







Darius Hewett '22

My name is Darius Hewett, I am from Brooklyn, NY, and I am a senior at Holy Cross. I am a Co-publicist for BSU and originally I joined BSU to find a stronger sense of community at school. However after my two years here I am a part of BSU because I want to be a part of the legacy that those who came before me cemented. I want to continue to add on to it and make Holy Cross a better place for Black students in the future.







Obiamaka Igwenagu '23

My name is Obiamaka Igwenagu and I am a junior from Auburn, MA. I am a Health Studies and Studio Art double major on the Pre-Health track. This year I am a Co-Publicist for BSU. I joined BSU because I wanted to be a part of a welcoming and safe atmosphere where I could express who I am as a black individual. I attended a predominantly white high school, where I couldn’t freely express myself and didn’t have an opportunity to be involved in a program for the black community. Joining BSU, I have a place to engage and uplift the black community while also creating relationships among students of color on campus and exploring our identity in a unique and creative way.







Jordyn Shubrick '22
Senior Advisor

Hi everyone, my name is Jordyn Shubrick and I am currently a senior at the college. I am from Springfield, MA, and majoring in Sociology with a double concentration in Africana Studies and Peace & Conflict. The Black Student Union has driven me to learn new things, meet new people, and most of all learn not to fear the unknown. I hope to encourage students to make their Holy Cross experience authentic and strive to talk about their lived experiences.