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A Formula for Optimally Motivating Your Students

A Quick Guide To Marking Student Papers

An Instructors Guide to Understanding Test Reliability

Analyzing Student Papers Quickly

Assignment Flow Chart

Assignment Rubric

Discussion Readings

Descriptions of Inkshedding

Designing Attention & Learning in the Modern Classroom: Emerging Social Rituals and Their Influence on Classroom Learning

Developing Students' Oral Presentation Skills

Diversity & Inclusion Teaching Activity

EVC Model of Motivation

Films on Second Language Writing

First in the Family in College: Access, Aptitude, Aspiration

Flipping and Landing on Your Feet

Flipping Calculus

Getting Started--The Test Blueprint

Getting the Most Out of Your Tests

Good Cases, Good Discussions and Case Studies in Science - A Novel Method of Science Education

Handbook on Test Development: Helpful Tips for Creating Reliable and Valid Classroom Tests

Ignation Pedagogy (Document 1993)

Interrupting Microaggressions

Introducing Metacognition and Learning Strategies: A Step by Step Guide

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Is There a Formula to Help Student Motivation?

Lessons from Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Loving Kindness

Materials for the Guidance of Test Item Writers

Mobile + Cloud = ?

Multiple Choice Questions

Quantitative Reasoning Assessment

Quantitative Reasoning at Bowdoin, Wellesley, and Other Colleges and Lessons for The College of the Holy Cross

Race, Class, Gender and the Case of Health

Rubric Lesson Plan

Rubrics: When? Why? How?

Rules for Writing Essay and Short-Answer Items

Setting the Stage for Interaction: A Tablet Application to Augment Group Discussion in a Seminar Class

Social Theory App

Socrative Classroom Polling

Strategies for Helping Students Write More Effective Arguments

Strategies for Learning and Teaching about Diversity

Teach Students HOW to Learn: Metacognition is Key! 2015

Teaching ethics: Meeting students where they are

The 3D Classroom - revolutionizing education

The 3D Classroom - Company website

The Power of Patience - Teaching students the value of deceleration and immersive attention

The Science of Mindfulness

The Study Cycle 2014

Thinking, Fast and Slow - Table of Contents

Transformative Education

Trigger Warnings

Trigger Warnings: A dangerous idea on campus

Universal Design for Inclusion in College

Using the multi-celled rubric - Bizzell

Using the multi-celled rubric - Schneider

Valuing Written Accents: Non-native Students Talk about Indentity, Academic Writing, and Meeting Teacher's Expectations

What We Nurture

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