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Awarded Grants


Faculty Travel Grants

Flo Anggoro, 37th Annual National Institute on Teaching Psychology (NITOP)

Daniel DiCenso, American Musicological Society Annual Meeting

Denis Kennedy, UMN Polisci Teaching Conference

Min Kyung Lee, Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative Workshop

Mark Lincicome, 3 day academic conference at St. John's College

Joyce Polistena, 103rd Conference of the College Art Association

Michelle Sterk Barrett, AAC&U Meeting on Diversity, Learning & Student Success

Faculty Development Grants

Mary Conley, To preview collections at the Harvard Museums and the Houghton Library

Alicia Hansen, To conduct a faculty workshop on Research Skills

Daina Harvey, Research for a course on Disaster, Culture & Media

Amanda Luyster, To research and implement a new CBL project for her Intro to Visual Arts course

Thomas Martin, To work on his collaborative course with Florida State University

Olga Partan, To organize a pedagogical workshop at HC

Leila Philip, To continue new scholarship and pedagogy in the field of Asian Diasporic Studies

Leslie Schomp, To visit British Museums in London to research paper collages of Mary Delany


Faculty Travel Grants

Nicholas Albanese, International Conference sponsored by Sant'Anna Institute Mediterranean Visions: Journeys, Itineraries and Cultural Migrations

Stephenie Chaudoir, Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM)

Marie Satya McDonough, Faculty Institute on Reacting to the Past

David Harris, Summer Vocology Workshop at the National Center for Voice and Speech at the University of Utah

Timothy Joseph, American Philological Association's Annual Meeting

Mark Lincicome, Scholarships on Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Commons Conference

Faculty Development Grants

Florencia Anggoro, Psychology of Language

Alo Basu, Exploration of the Functional Anatomy of the Nervous System

Mary Conley, To develop teaching about World War I

Mahmoud Hassan, 4 day training workshop on Oral Proficiency Testing offered by ACTFL

Laura Hibbler & Alan Karass, To help faculty integrate research skills into their courses

Cynthia Hooper, Russian History

Amanda Luyster, Flipped Classroom

Scott Malia, Laban/Bartenieff techniques

Thomas Martin, The Jewish War of Josephus

Theresa McBride, To develop a new course on The Great War

Leila Philip, To enhance a creative writing class

Virginia Raguin, Time, Memory and Identity

Aaron Seider, To develop an Introductory Latin course

May Sim, Project on Asian Philosophy


Faculty Travel Grants

Elaine Hays, The Second Annual Boston Rhetoric and Writing Network-Summer Institute for Teachers of Writing

Robert Hernandez, 21st National Conference of the Association of African American Studies and Affiliates

Sarah Luria, Shakespeare Winter Workout

Olga Partan, Two-day Modified Oral Proficiency Interview Assessment Workshop (MOPI)

Aaron Seider, 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association-Seattle, WA

Lorelle Semley, Association of American Colleges and Universities Conference: Modeling Equity, Engaging Differences: New Frameworks for Diversity and Learning

Faculty Development Grants

John Axelson, eCornell On Line Course: Plant-Based Nutrition

Alo Basu, 15-Part Human Brain Model from Denoyer-Geppert International

Rosa Carrasquillo & Cynthia Stone, Documenting the Latino History of Worcester, MA: Hudson Valley Oral History Summer Workshop

Stephanie Chaudoir & Alo Basu, Cortisol Data Collection Module

Mary Ebbott & Aaron Seider, Curriculum for Introduction to Greek sequence (Greek 101/102)

Sharon Frechette, Montserrat Seminar on Cryptography

Daina Harvey, Understanding Demographics and Social Trends in Worcester, MA

Edward Isser & Ellen Perry, Love in Wartime

Lynn Kremer, Shackled Spirits, Performed at the Bali Arts Festival June 2013

Todd Lewis, Gardens and World Religions

Amanda Luyster, Expand a Community-Based Learning (CBL) Project for the Introduction to Visual Arts Course

Scott Malia, Fundamentals of the Laban/Bartenieff Technique

Thomas Martin, The Jewish War

Karen Ober, New Course Development for Seminar in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology-Applied Evolution

Leila Philip & Todd Lewis, Religion and the Environment and Spiritual Autobiography

K. J. Rawson, Digital Writing/Independently-Hosted Website



Faculty Travel Grants

Susan Amatangelo, 2012 Modern Language Association Convention

Rachelle Beaudoin, 100th Annual College Art Association Conference

Noel Cary, 12th Annual Reacting to the Past Institute

Leyla Keough, Annual Middle East Studies Association Conference

Gwenn Miller, Summer Institute: What the Best College Teachers Do

Sarah Mitchell, National Science Foundation Teaching Environment Geology Workshop

Julie Paxson, Developmental Biology Teaching Workshop, University of Maine

Aaron Seider, 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association

Kevin Walsh, Technical Symposius on Computer Science Education

Melissa Weiner, Black Europe Summer School in Amsterdam

Sarah Wright, The Joint 2012 Mathematics Meeting

Alex Yen, Audit Educator's Bootcamp, American Accounting Association

Faculty Development Grants

Daniel Bitran, Eighth International Conference on Holocaust Education

Andrea Borghini, I Am, Therefore I Eat

Rosa Carrasquillo, New Course: Home and Diaspora

Judy Fask, Develop Course Materials: Deaf Holocaust

Ara Francis, Redesign Self and Society Course

David Gyscek, Lightroom 4 Workshop

Leyla Keough, Course Materials for Anthropology of the Middle East

Amanda Luyster, Course Redesign: Research and Writing Assignment for Introduction to Visual Arts

Thomas Martin, Developing Course Materials: Ancient Coins from the Collection of the American Numismatic Society

Catherine Roberts, Association for Teaching of Mathematices in New England

Jack Schneider, Development of Two Courses: Schooling in the United States and Urban Education



Faculty Travel Grants

Beverly Bell, Educating in the Open: Philosophies, Innovations, and Stories Technology Conference

Edward Isser, National Association of Schools of Theatre Conference

Sharon Frechette, The Science of Teaching and Learning: A Science and Math Faculty Forum Conference, Smith College

Stephanie Reents, Association of Writers and Writing  Programs Annual Conference

Catherine Roberts, Association for Teaching of Mathematics in MA Conference

Susan Crawford Sullivan, Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities Annual Meeting

Faculty Development Grants

Isabel Alvarez Borland, Honors Seminar, Cantor Gallery Exhibit

Katherine Kiel, Data Set for Environmental Economics Course

Matthew Koss, Technology Development Support Materials

Todd Lewis, Ancient India and Ancient Greece Support Materials

Sarah Luria, Research Trip: Following in the Steps of William Byrd

Jennie Germann Molz, Advanced Seminar in Sociology and Anthropology

William Reiser, S.J., Research Project: Bolivia

Cristi Rinklin, Honors Seminar, Cantor Gallery Exhibit

Aaron Seider, Research Trip, Classics Course Development, Literature of Rome: Revolution