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Funding Opportunities

Teaching and Faculty Development Grants from the Center for Teaching and Monstserrat
Grant deadlines for 2015-2016 are:

Fall - October 21, 2015 (intended for funding requests which span the fall semester, winter break and February)
Spring - January 29, 2016 (intended for funding requests which span the spring semester and early summer through June)
Summer - April 8, 2016 (intended for funding requests which span the summer and early fall months)

I.  Center for Teaching Grants

The Center for Teaching allocates part of its yearly budget to support faculty and staff in their personal development as teachers both in attending teaching conferences or in supporting their own development program or ideas. For 2015-2016, deadlines will be October 21, 2015; January 29, 2016; and April 8, 2016, however, do not hesitate to inquire or to submit a proposal outside of these solicitations for short fuse items that arise serendipitously. All CT grant proposals are peer-reviewed by faculty on the CT Advisory Board.

Faculty Development

Faculty members are invited to apply for small grants up to $1,000 from the CT's Faculty Development Fund to support innovative activities to improve teaching and student learning. This funding is aimed at developing or enhancing courses and/or related aspects of professional development. Expenses that can be covered by these grants include supplies (limited funding for books), equipment (not computers), programming, research assistance, outside or internal teaching/course planning consultation, and other costs associated with creating learning materials, adapting and implementing new teaching concepts, integrating research and teaching, and/or related aspects of faculty development (e.g., development of a workshop for Holy Cross colleagues). Funds for stipends may only be applied in the summer. Please direct questions to Matthew Koss, Director, Center for Teaching .

Teaching Institutes and Conferences

Faculty members may request support to attend a teaching conference/institute or to enroll in a course/workshop that focuses on teaching. Expenses may be reimbursed at a 100% level provided that the conference, workshop, or institute is focused on teaching. Original detail receipts are required for reimbursement. Please direct questions to Matthew Koss, Director, Center for Teaching.

More complete information on the Center for Teaching grants is contained here.

Application form for Faculty Development

Application form for Teaching Institutes and Conferences

II.  Montserrat Grants

For Montserrat, grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed by the Director and a faculty selection committee.

Teaching Institutes and Conferences

Applications are sought from faculty who have taught in Montserrat in the past (or are doing so currently) as well as from those who plan to do so in the future. Faculty members may request support to attend a teaching conference, workshop, institute, retreat, or other teaching development opportunities at which they are not presenting a paper. Such opportunities range widely from those that focus on the acquisition of specific skills or pedagogical techniques to those that are more broadly concerned with pedagogical reflection and renewal. Applicants should indicate how they expect the experience to enrich their teaching in Montserrat specifically. Expenses shall be reimbursed at 100% of actual expenses (original detail receipts required). Please direct questions to Stephanie Yuhl, Director of the Montserrat Program.