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Dinand Faculty Lounge


"...we have taken the faculty reading room on the second floor of Dinand Library and are trying to use it as, well, a faculty reading room.  We have gathered some comfortable furniture, we have moved in some books, we have a coffee maker and a water dispenser and we are opening it up as a place to sit down, grab a cup of coffee, have a conversation, or if need be escape from the deafening hordes as the semester wears on. ...It will be a space to wander into or can be reserved by groups of faculty for an open conversation, brown bag lunch or afternoon tea.  I hope it is a place of hospitality where we can come to know one another."

(Margaret Freije.Dean's Fall Address.September 3, 2013)




Located on the second floor of Dinand Library, the Dinand Faculty Lounge is a comfortable - and soon to be popular - place to meet. The room is well suited to small groups meeting for coffee or lunch, as well as to individuals seeking a quiet space to read or work. Amenities include comfortable chairs in small conversation groupings, a conference table, a Keurig coffee maker, coffee supplies, and a water dispenser.

Impromptu or scheduled small-group meetings between faculty or department gatherings are encouraged in order to establish a practice of frequent and diverse use of the space.


Schedule of Events 

The Center for Teaching sponsors a number of events on a variety of topics during the academic year.



The Dinand Faculty Lounge is reserved for coffee hours from 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM each weekday morning.

From 11:30 AM - 5:00 PM on weekdays, the room is available for reserved use for faculty brown bags or small meetings or programs organized by faculty members or academic departments and programs.  To reserve the space please contact Johanna Reilly at X2548 in the Center for Teaching.

The Dinand Faculty Lounge is accessible 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, the key, for after hours and weekend use, can be procured from the front desk.


  • The Dinand Faculty Lounge is managed by the Center for Teaching. All requests or questions should be directed to Johanna Reilly in the Center for Teaching at X2548.
  • Faculty members and colleagues with whom they are meeting are welcome to bring individual food and drinks into the room and are responsible for cleaning up after use.
  • No item, artwork, poster, flier, or document is to be attached to interior walls or doors. No existing artwork can be removed.