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Center for Teaching

In the Jesuit tradition of fostering academic excellence and the development of the whole student, the Center for Teaching is dedicated to supporting engaged and effective teachers. The center responds to the needs and concerns of the faculty, facilitating open and frank discussions on teaching and learning. The center’s initiatives help faculty hone their teaching and continue to adapt to the ever-changing educational environment.

The Center for Teaching supports faculty teaching at all career stages, provides teaching resources and encourages engagement with the scholarship on teaching. The center:

  • Organizes workshops, lunch discussions, and other forums for faculty to reflect on their teaching and curriculum. 
  • Supports faculty by awarding grants to develop new courses and/or teaching strategies
  • Supports faculty by awarding grants to attend teaching conferences, workshops, and institutes
  • Collaborates on projects to develop teaching with departments across campus.
  • Consults and advices with faculty on request.

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The Center for Teaching sponsors a number of events on a variety of topics during the academic year.


The Center for Teaching is housed in the Faculty Lounge located on the second floor of Dinand Library.

The Faculty Lounge, a comfortable and popular place to meet, is well suited to small groups meeting for coffee or lunch, as well as to individuals seeking a quiet space to read or work. The center encourages this room for both impromptu scheduled small-group meetings between faculty or department gatherings. It is exclusively reserved for coffee hours from 8 – 11:30 a.m. each weekday morning. From 11:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. on weekdays the room is available for a group to reserve for faculty meetings or programs, while the room remains open to all to join or just to come by for coffee.

Future plans include setting up a “mini technology sandbox” in the lounge where faculty can come and explore hardware and software especially selected for its use in pedagogy.