Crusader Internship Fund Application Instructions

COVID Statement: There is a possibility that all funded, in-person internships will need to be changed to remote internships due to COVID-19 guidelines and College policy.  If internships must be remote,  the Center for Career Development will inform you of this decision and you will need to contact your employer and ask if remote arrangements can be made.  For internships that are modified to remote, any funding for relocation or travel will no longer be available.


Students must complete these steps to request funding through the Crusader Internship Fund.


Prior to Applying

Before applying, students must:

Applications will be considered based on:

  • Quality of submitted application materials
  • benefit of experience to student
  • no prior Crusader Internship Fund award having been received
  • Review of Student Eligibility
  • Internship meeting Qualifying Experience requirements
  • Availability of funds


Application Instructions

Submit your Application via Handshake Experiences 

Once you have been offered an unpaid summer 2021 internship, you can apply for funding via Request An Experience in your Handshake account. In the application you will be asked to select 2-3 Career Competencies as your Learning Objectives for the internship and indicate why these goals are important to you.   

To Submit an Application using Request An Experience in Handshake:

  • Log into Handshake using your Holy Cross Gmail (update your account if necessary)
  • Career Center: Experiences
  • Request an Experience in Handshake
  • Experience Type: Crusader Internship Fund Application- Summer 2021
  • Carefully review and complete all fields on screen, clicking next to complete all fields on all pages
  • Click the green “Request Experience” button to submit. 

Detailed Instructions for How to Complete the Request Your Experience Form

The CCD and your employer will review your application in Handshake.  Generally, you will be informed that your application has been received and is being processed within 5  business days.  Once your internship details have been confirmed by your employer, the CCD will contact you with your final determination and funding amount via email. Please note, funding is limited and as summer approaches your application may be put on hold until a determination can be made.  

Employer Handshake Experience Review Instructions are here


Additional Funding Requirements

If your application for funding is approved, you will be required to:

  • Sign Your Official Funding Agreement which includes information about the terms of your stipend award and the timing of the distribution of funds to the recipient. Agreements are typically sent to students to sign at the end of the Spring semester 
  • Participate in the Internship Send Off, which cover tips and requirements for your summer internship 
  • Complete a short midpoint and final evaluation during your internship via Handshake
  • At the completion of your internship, send a thank you note to the stipend donor(s) and your supervisor 
  • Participate in the Crusader Internship EXPO in Fall 2021
  • Provide the CCD a photo from your internship
  • Contact employer/supervisor to obtain necessary paperwork when needed
  • Inclusion in the Crusader Intern Directory


Read more about the Crusader Internship Fund program requirements on the CIF Policies and Procedures page.


Please email if you have any questions.