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Single-Stream Recycling Guidelines

The following can be placed in any recycling container

• Mixed office paper (any color)
• Envelopes
• Newspapers
• Junk mail
• Greeting cards
• Magazines
• Box board (cereal boxes, etc.)
• Books and notebooks
• Corrugated cardboard
• Brown and manila folders
• Posters
• Spiral notebooks
• Milk cartons
• Juice cartons

Note: Clips, staples, rubber bands and wire spirals do not need to be removed. However, large binder clips and binders must be removed.

Glass (Must be drained and unbroken)
• Clear bottles
• Green bottles
• Brown bottles

Plastics (All must be well drained and rinsed if possible)
• PET plastic containers (soda bottles)
• HDPE (milk jugs, laundry detergent)
• PVC plastic containers (shampoo bottles)
• LDPE plastic containers (margarine tubs)
• PP plastic containers (yogurt cups)
• Clamshell containers (found in Kimball Dining Hall and Crossroads)

• Aluminum cans
• Steel food and soup cans
• Aluminum foil and trays

Note: All containers must be emptied and rinsed.

The following cannot be placed in the blue containers

General Trash
• Carbon paper
• Restroom debris and paper towels
• Any type of food product
• Foam cups or plates
• Chemicals
• Plastic bags or wraps
• 3 ring binders
• Wax paper
• Napkins
• Candy wrappers
• CDs or floppy disks

Universal Waste (please contact Environmental Services at x2454 for pickup of these items)
• Light bulbs
• Electronics
• Monitors
• Toner cartridges

Batteries and Ink Cartridges

Collection containers for batteries and ink cartridges are located in three locations on campus:
• first floor of the Hogan Campus Center (next to the post office)
• Dinand Library alcove
• Kimball Dining Hall corral

Recycling Old Cars

Wheels For Wishes, under the auspices of Make-A-Wish Massachusetts and Rhode Island, will tow away and recycle or auction off old and broken down vehicles for charity at no charge to students.