Nat Rodas

Nat Rodas

Full Name: Andrea Nathalia Rodas

Class year: 2024

Major: Mathematics

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Clubs and Organizations: HerCampus, Women in Business

Why I chose Holy Cross: The people! 

What I love about Mount St. James: The views from my window are stunning. Being situated on a hill grants us a panoramic view of the entire city. It's amazing to witness the sparkling city lights at night and, occasionally, catch glimpses of fireworks lighting up the sky.

My favorite thing about Worcester: There are a lot of new shops and cafes opening up. I love exploring these new places, finding fresh study spots, and discovering locations to recommend to my friends and classmates

Advice for your college search: My advice would be to explore all aspects of the college you are interested in. It’s really important to be able to visualize yourself in this setting and feel comfortable, happy, and excited about your future and all of the possibilities! 

The best/favorite food on campus: I love the on-campus Starbucks! My go-to drink is an iced chai latte.

What I love about the Holy Cross community: What I love about the Holy Cross community are the authentic connections I've formed with incredibly genuine individuals. The people here are not just classmates but friends who foster a supportive environment, making every interaction meaningful and enriching.

Favorite spot on campus: My new favorite spot on campus is the Prior Performing Arts Center. It offers amazing views and is a great place to study. Usually, there is music playing, and you can grab a snack or drink at O'Connor Family Cafe. You can even check out the arts exhibit inside!