Emergency Notifications

The College of the Holy Cross offers two forms of emergency notifications for the campus and its community members.

One component of the emergency notification system sends out an alert via sirens, which are located in three areas of the campus. In the event of an emergency, you would hear a siren, followed by a voice message stating the nature of the emergency. It will then repeat the siren and voice message again. This is reserved for high priority emergencies that require immediate action.

The other component, our state-of-the-art RAVE emergency notification service, will allow us to send a message almost simultaneously via phone, email, and text (SMS). In this message, we will inform the campus of the nature of the emergency as well as additional instructions. We will also send updates as necessary. We also use RAVE for important issues that may arise, such as storms, missing persons, and others that don't require a siren warning. College inclement weather closing announcements are sent out through RAVE via a text message only.

Emergency notification systems are more efficient when all members of the community,  including parents, visitors, and contractors working on campus, sign up for the notifications. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this important program by signing up.

Both systems are tested twice a year - usually in September and March.