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Crimes & Emergencies

To report emergencies the number is (508) 793-2222, or from any college telephone, ext. 2222. All calls are received at the Public Safety Dispatch Center, which is staffed 24-hours a day by civilian dispatchers and/or trained police officers.

Emergency telephones (indicated by a blue light and emergency sign) are located at the entrance to each resident hall, as well as at numerous locations around the campus. Pushing the emergency button on each telephone will automatically call the Public Safety Dispatch Center. These telephones can also be used to dial on-campus locations for assistance.

The Public Safety Department strongly encourages the reporting of all criminal activity in a timely fashion for immediate response to investigate and identify the perpetrators.

The College maintains a system for notification to the community information about criminal activity. These notifications are distributed by campus wide e-mail alerts; voice mail and/or flyers placed in student and employee mailboxes. Also notices are placed on bulletin boards in all resident halls.

The Public Safety Department records and maintains crime statistics for publication in the annual Safety and Security Report each year.

For additional information how emergencies are handled on campus, please see the Emergency Response Manual (PDF)