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New Students

New students must sign the Statement of Obligation and complete the First Year Student Survey before being assigned on-campus housing.

The deadline for both is Wednesday, July 5th, 2017.

Completing the First Year Student Survey

Once you've logged into the STAR portal, click the "Student Center" link and scroll down to the "Residence Life, Dining Services, and Crusader Express OneCard" section toward the bottom of the Student Center mainpage. Use the drop down in that section to select "First Year Rooming Preferences."

The First Year Student Survey loads on the next page. You may enter your responses to each question utlizing the dropdown options on the right of the page. Be sure to click Save before exiting.


Signing the Statement of Obligation

Also known as the housing contract, all students who live on-campus must read and agree to the Statement of Obligation. Start by selecting "Sign Housing Obligation" from the dropdown.

Read the document and click the boxes at the end to enter your digital signature. Please note, you are not required to agree to the Substance Free Housing Contract - you should only do so if you are purposely practicing a substance free lifestyle and want a roommate who does so as well.