COVID-19 Information

On-Campus Housing

COVID-19 guidelines for students living on campus can be found on the COVID-19 website.

Off-Campus Housing FAQ 

How can I see potential apartments without going into the physical space?
Coordinate with landlords and/or real estate agents to provide a live virtual viewing via FaceTime, Google Meet, Zoom, etc., or have them provide photos or prerecorded video tours of each space.

How can students who have not yet signed leases financially protect themselves?
Advocate for a "Worry-Free" clause to be included in your lease. There are two kinds of "Worry Free" clauses:

  • In the event of a statewide emergency, mandated lockdown, or College closure, students and their co-signers would have the option of leaving the lease. 
  • In the event of a statewide emergency, mandated lockdown, or College closure,  students and their co-signers would have their monthly rent reduced.

How can students currently living off campus financially protect themselves?
Please review the information on the following websites: 

COVID-19 Living With Roommates Off-Campus 

Review COVID-19 guidelines issued by the state, the city, and the College and have a conversation with your roommates using these prompts to help set personal and shared expectations for your off-campus living environment.

Personal Perspective and Behaviors

  • What are your personal thoughts and experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How have you been practicing social distancing?
  • What are your infection prevention habits with regards to cleaning, disinfecting, hand-washing, etc.? 
  • What additional precautions are you taking to stop the spread of COVID-19?

Lifestyle During the Pandemic 

  • How have you spent your time during the pandemic?
  • How have your study and work habits been impacted by the pandemic?
  • Have you been working remotely or in-person?
  • Assuming that we will all have remote commitments, how can we manage shared spaces to ensure everyone can get their work done?
  • Do you have plans to travel for breaks or holidays this year? How will you mitigate risk for exposing your roommates?
  • Have you been visiting with friends and family outside of your immediate living environment?
  • How often have you been going out to shop in-person or dine at a restaurant?
  • How have you been getting groceries?
  • Do you clean your produce and other groceries? If so, is this something you would expect your roommates to commit to as well?

Shared Expectations 

  • Within established guidelines, how comfortable are we with having visitors?
  • What additional cleaning responsibilities will we share during this time?
  • Should we use a chore chart?
  • If one of us becomes uncomfortable or has concerns about the actions or behaviors of another roommate, how will we express that and how should we all respond?
  • If one of us has symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, what is our agreed upon action plan?
  • Would you return to your permanent residence or stay in our apartment?

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