Anti-Racism Action Plan Guidebook

We are called in the current moment to actively move from non-racist thinking to anti-racist actions.

This guide is targeted for organizations and individuals who are just beginning their anti-racism work. Our goal is to illuminate that in order to do this work thoughtfully, we both need to be reflective in how prepared we are to engage with anti-racism work, and that we need to have a concrete action plan to live by our commitments.

This guide broadly focuses on racial justice. However, we have built in, and encourage, particular focus on anti-Black racism. Anti-racism planning needs to be intentional, and it will take time and thoughtfulness. We encourage users to be self-reflective and be attentive to areas of growth.


Anti-Racism Action Plan

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This guide is our first attempt to create such a free, public resource. We welcome your constructive feedback on (1) aspects of the guide that were particularly helpful for you, and/or (2) ways in which we can improve future versions of this guide. Please submit your feedback using this short online feedback form. We will aim to produce revised versions of this guidebook periodically.

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