Our Commitment to Anti-Racism Efforts

The College is committed to promoting dialogue and action around race, racism and anti-racism. This website will serve as a resource to engage with the work of anti-racism. 


Anti-Racism Action Plan

June 19, 2020 - Today, the College of the Holy Cross affirms our commitment to be an actively anti-racist organization. We join the voices around the country and globe to proclaim that Black Lives Matter. 

View the full plan »

Anti-Racism Strategic Initiatives

In addition to the College’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Planning Group (initial plan issued April 2019 (PDF) with updates on the work done by February 2020) (PDF) the College is currently developing additional strategic initiatives to bolster its commitments to anti-racism. 

Holy Cross sign with tulips in the foreground
Holy Cross Continues Communitywide Effort Against Racism

The fall 2020 issue of Holy Cross Magazine reports on how the College, inspired by its Jesuit roots, is examining its past as it works toward an anti-racist future. Read the story »

Anti-Racism Action Plan Guidebook

The College has created a free resource for those interested in engaging in anti-racism work.

View and download the Anti-Racism Action Plan Guidebook » 

Support Resources

The following offices are available for support and resources:

  • Counseling Center: (508) 793-3363
  • Chaplains’ Office: (508)793-3012
  • Class Deans: (508)793-2530
  • Employee Assistance Program (including Counseling Support)
  • Office of Multicultural Education:  (508)793-2669
  • Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:  (508)793-3009
  • Student Affairs: (508)793-2414  

Holy Cross Student Wellness Services recently compiled a list of health, wellness and healing resources related to race and racism. These resources highlight and center Black practitioners and authors who work with marginalized communities.  

Additional Self-Care resources are available at http://holycross.edu/selfcare

Educational Resources

Allyship is an ongoing practice that requires us to educate and challenge ourselves. This document is structured to offer resources to those in the various stages of self-reflection and awareness, as well as experiences related to race-related history, dialogue, and anti-racism work. We encourage you to explore these suggestions in a way that allows you to progress in your own personal growth. 

Resources for Bias & Harassment

The College prohibits discrimination and harassment under its Discrimination & Discriminatory Harassment Policy & its Sexual Misconduct Policy. These links provide details on confidential and non-confidential resources, including options on how to report behavior. Additionally, reports of concerning behavior, including bias incidents, can be reported here

Racial Justice Focused Community Organizations

We encourage all community members to contribute to organizations advocating for change. Thanks to students, faculty, staff and alumni who have shared information with us about community organizations that are advocating for racial justice. The list of suggested organizations is available here.

If you are involved in a community organization that works on racial justice, please let us know via this form.