Sally the Food Robot

Sally the Food Robot is currently out of order. 


There’s a new chef on The Hill and her name is Sally. This chef has just one specialty: salad.

Saly the salad robot

Holy Cross debuted “the world’s first fresh food robot” to students, faculty and campus visitors in 2019, in partnership with Silicon Valley food robotics company, Chowbotics. 

About the size of an ATM, Sally the Robot gives you the option of choosing a suggested salad recipe or customizing your own on the touchscreen. Salads cost an average of $6.75 each, depending on the ingredients selected. 

Sally is located in Hogan Campus Center’s Cool Beans coffee shop. 

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Inside the bot, 22 canisters are chilled to exactly 34 degrees Fahrenheit and filled with:

  • fresh vegetables 
  • Different types of lettuce 
  • protein options (including grilled chicken) and
  • dressings 


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