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The Legislative Branch

"All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in the legislature of the SGA, which shall consist of the Student Union and Senate." -SGA Constitution

The Senate

The Senate is composed of 21 elected voting representatives, with three Class-Wide Senators per class and nine At-Large Senators from any class. The Senate is presided over by the Speaker of the Senate, supported by the Legislative Secretary. The five standing committees of the Senate are the Senate Budget Committee, the Recognized Student Organization Committee, the Student Outreach and Advocacy Committee, the Statutes & Regulations Committee, and the Intellectual Life Committee. There is also a Senate specific subcommitee- Interal Affairs Committee.

The Senate represents and advocates for student interests. They may form ad-hoc committees to formally evaluate and discuss issues of student interest, propose non-binding referenda, review and amend the Constitution of the SGA, passing and repealing bylaws, rules, and legislation, confirming or rejecting nominees to specific offices of the SGA, hearing deferred cases of the Judicial Council, granting or rescinding recognition of student organizations affiliated with the SGA, and reviewing and approving the SGA budget. Senators are responsible for serving the best interest of their constituencies by introducing legislation, voting, and serving on committees. 

Senate Committees:

Recognized Student Organization:

The purpose of this committee is to hear all student requests to form Recognized Student Organization, annually Re-recognize all Recognized Student Organizations, and serve as a liaison for each Recognized Student Organization.

Senate Budget Committee:

The purpose of this committee is to hear all funding requests made by Fixed Budget recognized student organizations, recommend an appropriation of the SBC allocation to Senate for approval, and act as a liaison for each recognized student organization regarding budget concerns. This committee works closely with the Treasurer to set the SGA budget for all RSOs for the next term.

Student Outreach and Advocacy Committee:

The purpose of this committee is to cover the evaluation, assessment, and improvement of every aspect of student life that is not academically related. The committee further strives to adequately represent the interests and needs of all students including but not limited to: housing, dining, campus events, school spirit, and safety.

Intellectual Life Committee:

The purpose of this committee is to promote, and when necessary, improve the College’s academic programs, activities, and services. The committee seeks to increase the accountability of academic administration to the student body and promote the academic interests of all students. The committee further strives to foster enhanced dialogue and communication with a variety of academic offices on campus, including but not limited to the following: The Dean’s Office, Registrar’s Office, Academic Resources and Learning Services, Donelan Office of Community-Based Learning, Academic Internship Program, Study Abroad Program, Libraries, and Montserrat. 

Statutes & Regulations Committee:

The purpose of this committee is review, revise and recommend new By-Laws and amendments to the SGA Constitution. The Committee further strives to foster the growth and development of each individual senator. The committee aims to: provide for the personal development of Senators, introduce opportunities for Senators to engage one another both socially and for matters of official business, and help improve the reputation of the body by working closely with Senators, constituents, and campus organizations to address their concerns. This committee also serves to educate members of SGA about the governing documents.

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Holy Cross SGA Senate

RSO Spotlight

RSO Spotlight is a new programming event started this year to highlight and commend some of the most active and engaged Recognized Student Organizations on Mount St. James. The program, run by our RSO Committee, selects a different student group each week. The RSO's E-Board is then invited as our special guests to our weekly Sunday meeting and is given the floor to address the Senate on their group's history, mission, and initiatives. They are further presented with a special commendation from the Senate and have their name added to the prestigious list of other selected RSOs.