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College Committees


Student Life Council (4)



SLC REQUIREMENTS: Director of Res Life (1), 3 additional ones, one of which must be ALANA


Academic Governance Council (1)


AGC REQUIREMENTS: Director of Academic Concerns only (bylaws say one other but this was a statute change)


Financial Planning Committee (3)


FPC REQUIREMENTS: Treasurer, Co-President, one other (recommend speaker or SBC Chair)


Curriculum Committee (1)


CURRICULUM COMMITTEE REQUIREMENTS: Director of Academic Concerns (only one student like AGC while bylaws say 2)


Mission and Identity (1)


REQUIREMENTS: Director of Spiritual Life, no other additional students have served on this committee even though bylaws say they do


Faculty Assembly (15)


FACULTY ASSEMBLY REQUIREMENTS: both co-presidents, chief of staff, exec sec, director of academic concerns (who will be your AGC and Curriculum rep), Director of Res Life (maybe the other that isn’t on SLC?), all 4 SLC reps, treasurer, all 3 on FPC, additional until get to 15 NOT REQUIRED BUT RECOMMENDED: Parliamentarian, Speaker, J Council Chair


College Advisory Board on Alcohol (3)




Hogan Campus Center Advisory Board (1)



Holy Cross Alumni Association (1)